Vintage Cross Bottle FAQs

Greyfreth Antique aCross Bottle Collection

Our Promise to You
All of our Antique Cross Bottles are one of a kind pieces of Art. They are not mass produced, nor farmed out - they are made one at a time, by the hand of Isabeau Chandler Grey. The Bottle that you see pictured in the catalog is not a sample of what you are ordering, it is the exact bottle that will arrive at your door.

Our Cross Bottle inventory is forever being replenished, therefore the website will be constantly updated as pieces are made and as things sell. We will never say, "let us choose for you" (unless, of course, you want us to!) because we want you to have the option to choose what you buy. After all, whom, other than you, would know best that which you truly love?

Condition of the Cross Bottles
Each Cross bottle is a one of a kind piece of Art made in part from found vintage and antique objects which bear the stamp of both time and the elements. No two are identical. As with all things touched by the hands of time and weathered by the elements - there is more than likely some evidence of that wear somewhere on the Vintage Cross Bottles. We see these things as character - perfection within imperfection. Patina, chips, scratches... they all add to the beauty of the piece in our eyes, and we hope in yours as well.

Each Cross Bottle image can be enlarged by clicking on the photo so that you can look over the details of every bottle. Each and every one of our Vintage Cross Bottles are made by hand in our studio. They are not mass produced, they are not farmed out, they are true pieces of original Art - each one unique. The imperfections, variations, and signs of age are part of what makes them special and part of their unique charm.

Because each Cross Bottle is a work of Art, they are meant to be displayed, and should be handled with the utmost care. Please pick the piece up by the bottle, not the neck nor the cross, as solder can crack if not handled properly.

Our cross bottles are for decorative purpose only, and all finials are soldered onto each bottle - the tops are not removable.

Environmental notes -
Smoke Free
Our home, studio and shoppe are smoke free environments -- we don't smoke, nor do our Artists, employees, family or friends. Your purchases are made, packed, and will arrive completely smoke free.

Living responsibly is important to us, and so is the environment. Buying Antiques is the ultimate recycling, and Our Collections are no exception. Besides repurposing antique bottles, crystals, and embellishments, we use new packing materials, including boxes and peanuts, that are made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials.

Sea Life
Our sea life is never poached and our corals are not harvested live. Our sea life comes from reputable sources - ones that adhere to strict environmental standards which protect endangered species and regulate how sea life is harvested -- both which are very important and are in line with our own values and views. Most of our corals are vintage or farm raised and most shells are beautiful byproducts of the food industry.

Copyright information -
We abhor conflict but due to the rampant copyright infringement by several people online we need to make the following clear:

We have taken a lot of time, effort and talent to create our items, branding, photo and general staging, and our descriptions. All of this is legally protected under copyright and intellectual law. We take this very seriously and will take action, through our attorneys, when violations occur. Please respect and adhere to artistic integrity.