FAQs Shipping & Delivery

Your satisfaction

with our products and customer service is of the utmost importance. We go out of our way to make sure that your shopping experience is something that you remember and that the products you purchase from us are treasures you will love for a lifetime. Contact us with any questions or concerns that you have.

S&H applied charges are for online order processing, packaging, processing, transport and handling. Any special delivery requests, including specific delivery dates or a specification of carrier may incur additional charges. Delivery times are not guaranteed but are our best approximation and could vary with any additional or specific requests such as custom orders, packaging or gift wrapping. We ship and deliver Monday through Friday only. S&H is determined at time of order, subject to change, and to the following:

Standard Delivery for the 48 States -
We ship via UPS Ground Service, Fedex Home Delivery or USPS Priority Mail- whichever is best suited for the time frame and destination of your order - You can expect delivery for 'standard sized and weight' products within 10 business days, depending on your location and availability of goods.

Charges per address are as follows:

up to $2500 = 15%

$2501 - $5000 = 14%

$5000 and up = 12.5%

Alaska and Hawaii please add $15.00 per address to the above standard charges. Expect a 7 - 10 day delivery time on your order.

Rush Delivery

Within the 48 states, 2 - 3 business days not including Holidays Contact us for additional charge quote

Overnight Delivery

Within the 48 states and ordered before 10 am. Contact us for additional charge quote

Additional Freight and surcharges:

There are additional shipping fees charged by our carriers for over-sized and/or heavy items. If your purchase falls into this category, you will be emailed prior to shipping with the additional charges and they will need to be paid prior to delivery.

Additional Delivery Time:

While most of our products are sent directly from us, some items, especially the large ones may be shipped directly from our Warehouse or from one of our Artists, in which case, expect a delivery time of up to 4 weeks.

Shipping Outside of the United States -
Those ordering online from outside the US, shipping is not calculated into your total. You will be emailed a separate invoice for shipping, which will need to be paid prior to shipping. Please email us with any questions or for further information at

Taxes -
By law, California residents will need to add 8.75% to your total purchase.
Cross Bottle Packing Shipping & Delivery Addendum

Cross Bottle shipping is handled a little differently than the rest of our shipping due to the nature of the item.

Packing boxes of cross bottles is extremely labor intensive, especially with large orders. It takes a lot of time, a lot of packing material and a lot of care. We do everything in our power to pack them so that, with normal carrying service, they arrive as they left the shop - in one beautiful piece. We have no control over carriers and how they handle boxes - we mark them fragile, pack them extremely carefully and trust in our shippers, but accidents do sometimes happen. To be on the safe side, we do require that insurance be purchased for each cross bottle shipment. We have, to date, never had an accident in shipping, but on the outside chance that something does go wrong in transit, save all of the pieces, all packing materials and contact us within 24 hours of delivery.